We are Vervig!

Vervig was founded in 2013 on a simple yet ambitious idea: to make a fast and ultra robust piece of software that can store and exchange health information effectively under the most demanding circumstances.

Six years later we have successfully launched two products: Vervig, our lightening fast and feather-light Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform and Vervig Life, our FREE Personal Health Records (PHR) app made especially with travel and adventure in mind. We risk an eye and call Vervig Life "The App that can save your life"… because we think it can!

Vervig is created by a diverse group of highly skilled and motivated individuals: doctors, nurses, programmers, designers, lawyers,accountants - all with a passion to change lives with clever, humancentered and bullet-proof technology.

It all started when we went looking at at existing EHR systems. What we found mostly filled us with horror: Never in the history of mankind has software so important been so expensive, buggy and hostile to the user. We did find some decent systems out there, but even the best required dedicated servers, customization, staff training and a ton of expert support.

So, we thought, if somebody could make a better EHR system, that would likely make a positive difference for a lot of people. We came up with an idea that seemed impossible at the time: to create an EHR system that could be ready to use in less than five minutes, as simple to use as Gmail - and with the essential features needed to run a small- to medium-sized medical clinic.

Today Vervig is a reality. And we've beaten our five-minute target comfortably.

We hope you’ll find our product useful. You’re always welcome to contact us with comments or questions.